About Ruckus Budz

I free families to play together through total imagination. Most parents realize they want lots of quality time with their kids, but they’re not sure how to make that connection happen. Maybe 50% or more of our kids’ free time is spent on screen time.

Maybe you have a suspicion that your child really spends way too much time entertained electronically. And that maybe you do, too?!

Maybe you wish your child looked into your eyes more often than not each day. Maybe your child wishes you’d look up a little more often.

Before it’s too late. Before that kid is grown up and gone.

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Connection to each other is what matters most. Looking at, listening to, and understanding each other is what brings us happiness.

You can make that happen when you face that it’s not happening much, if at all.

Our disconnection from our children is a tough topic.

Kids’ disconnection from their birthright of creativity is a tough topic.

We know playing face-to-face in a way that’s more compelling that electronics is a more enriching experience than staring and swiping at a screen.

So it’s a tough topic to admit we all spend way to much time focused on screens rather than on each other.


Kids don’t have to always be marketed to or be unwrapping some new device.

Kids came to Earth with a creative spark that either gets lit up big and bright, or pretty much lies dormant day after day.

I was shocked when I noticed back in 2002 that kids, for the most part, weren’t blowing on their little creative sparks, and neither were many adults, not to encourage kids’, nor their own,  creativity.

Kids need someone to stir up their creative fires, to wake them from being passive consumers of other people’s creations to being creators of their own joy.

I’ve found a way to help kids play together with pure imagination. You can play that way with your child, too.


The way I guide kids and grown-ups to play with pure imagination is based on over 11,000 kids ages 5-12 shouting out that “it’s the most fun thing” they’ve ever done.

I got passionate about pretend play because I discovered the need, out on the schoolyard, to guide kids to play in a way kids once played with no input from adults. Little kids copy what older siblings and peers do, so they’ve been copying screen-playing for some time now.

For high-tech kids to loudly proclaim that the play I free them to invent is really as fun as, or the most fun thing, they’ve ever done is saying a lot about what’s missing for our kids. They’re missing self-discovery of their own innate creative energies.


I’ve found specific ways to guarantee any group of kids can be freed to reignite their smoldering sparks of  natural creativity.

My project reawakens kids’ passion to create their own joy together in face-to-face, physically active pretend play. The onslaught of online media, video games, television, videos, and unceasing marketing to them to buy the best-next thing leaves kids no space for their inborn creativity to blossom.

You can have as much fun as the kids when you know what steps to take to let go of other people’s creations in order to claim your own creativity. My pretend play project is the single most fun way for you to connect deeply and joyfully with your child.

Here’s why you want me:


You want me because I have played heart-to-heart with an open mind and a fun-loving spirit with over 30,000 kids ages 5-12.

Over 11,000 of those kids learned to play pretend through my project, and they all agreed it was the most-fun-thing they’d done.

I observed the kids with respect and curiosity, always finding a better, most-sensitive-possible way to unleash their creativity.

I practiced leading them to the edge of self-created joy, and then backed gently away to allow the kids to fully own their play.

I know what works to free kids to create their own happiness, and I know how to free you to play creatively with your child, too.

I know how to help you connect with your child in ways you may never otherwise discover.

I know how to free you to have the most-fun-possible with your kid – while that kid is still a child!


NOTE: RUCKUS BUDZ began as a group of characters that made themselves known by deciding to come into the world as rowdy puppets. They are committed to our claiming courage to be honest about what matters most, and to always maximize fun.

They strive to overcome laziness and lies, and they think their way through sadness and meanness to deliver joy to everyone who understands that happiness, well-being, and harmony matter.

Ruckus Budz is a concept as well as a group of characters, and what really matters right now is that we all make a lot of noise about freeing our kids to play like kids! Right now, while they’re still kids!